A bit about me..


Currently I hold over 9+ years experience working as a UX Designer & UI Artist in the game industry developing over 30+ free to play, premium and promotional, released game titles. I’ve been part of multiple studios creating both original IP’s and worked extensively developing games with popular IP’s like The Walking Dead, The Dark Knight, The Hobbit etc. I hold additional experience in both graphic design and 3D art which I use to strengthen my position as a UI & UX Designer.

As my work and position in a team connects with many other disciplines I greatly care about a creating a strong team dynamic. I’m personally highly driven to not only create fantastic products but also feel immensely responsible to do my part of creating powerful, caring teams.

Though my focus has been leaning more towards mobile, I would also warmly welcome invitations to join exciting console/PC studios as well.

Jochem Schut

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